Anna Ascani - Eng

Anna Ascani is one of the youngest italian MPs, elected in 2013.

She is politically engaged since she was eighteen: in 2007 she was the first candidate in Umbria supporting Enrico Letta for the secretariat of Democratic Party. Subsequently she was engaged in different political roles: in 2011 she assumed the role of spokeswoman of Democratic Women in her region.

Enrico Letta commented on her political engagement: “first you graduate, then you come back”.

Therefore first she graduated in Philosophy in 2012 – “Ethics, Politics and Religions” – at Università di Trento, with a vote of 110/110 e lode, discussing a thesis about “Accountability: the virtue of democratic politics”. And subsequently, eight months later, after taking part to the primary elections for selecting democratic candidates, she was elected as Italian MP at the age of 25.

Anna’s main parliamentary activities concern education, policies for Youth and European affairs. She is a member of 7th committee in Camera dei Deputati (Culture, Science, Education); she has been elected as member of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. She is the President of the Youth Intergroup of the italian Parliament.

Anna is a member of the Give1Project Italy’s board; Give1Project is a global organization founded by Thione Niang, aiming at engaging young people as leaders in creating and building strong and healthy communities worldwide.

She is a member of the Women in Parliaments Global Forum (WIP).

She has authored a book recently published in Italy by Città Nuova titled “Accountability: the democratic politics’ virtue” She promoted the first European Forum of Young Legislators, co-organized with the European Youth Intergroup and the Youth Forum in Brussels (December 2013)

She has been a keynote speaker on ‘Integrity and the crisis: how to earn back the trust of young people’ in OECD’s seminar in Paris (December 2013)

She has also been a keynote speaker on ‘Beyond populism and technocracy: what future for progressive politics?’ in Policy Network’s seminar in Amsterdam (April 2014)

She never misses Internazionale’s football matches and her sense of sacrifice has been rewarded because she has recently met her idol Javier Zanetti, involving him in a public event, organized by the Democratic Party about school reform.

In January 2016, she was selected by Forbes as one of the 30 most influential young european leaders.